Our staff is part of the Phelps Administrative Support Center. Please check PASC's website for useful forms and updated information:

PASC Director:  Ms. Teresa Salinas, Office: Phelps 5206A
E-mail:   Tel: (805) 893-3527

Student Services is located in 4206-4212 Phelps Hall

Student Services Manager: Ms. Carol Flores, Office: Phelps 4206A
E-mail: Tel: (805) 893-3112

Undergraduate Advisor for Comparative Literature, French and Italian, and Germanic and Slavic Studies: Ms. Melissa Powell, Office Phelps 4206C
E-mail: Tel: (805) 893-3111                   
Zoom Link:   Zoom PMI/ID: 805-893-3111

Graduate Program Assistant for Comparative Literature, Spanish and Portuguese, and Latin American and Iberian Studies: Mr. Tyler McMullen, Office: Phelps 4212
E-mail:    Tel: (805) 893-2131                 
Zoom Link:   Zoom PMI/ID: 805-893-2131

Financial & Academic Services is located in 5206 Phelps

Financial & Academic Services Manager: Adrian Mejia, Office: Phelps 5212
E-mail: TBA soon.                            Tel: (805) 893-2865

Financial and Budget Analyst: Ms. Iryna Zdanovich, Office: Phelps 5206B
E-mail: Tel: (805) 893-3398