Comparatists and Careers

The Comparative Literature Program is committed to preparing and supporting graduate students in their pursuit of a diversity of careers, including a variety of educational settings and jobs both inside and outside academia. The Comparative Literature Program took part in the 2016-2017 National Endowment for the Humanities Next Generation initiative, devoted to the need to train graduate students for a broad range of careers.

We recommend that students take the opportunity during their time at UCSB to develop the full variety of their talents and skills and explore a variety of fulfilling career options in addition to academia. For example, the Translation Studies Emphasis confers marketable skills in translation that can inform and go beyond scholarship. The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center's Public Humanities Graduate Fellows Program offers opportunities to contribute to the community and develop publicly engaged humanities and meaningful career opportunities outside academia.

The Comparative Literature Placement Officer offers Comparative Literature graduate students going on the job market the opportunity to come together, support each other, and receive customized advice on topics relevant for this group. This includes a preparatory session in the spring, a job materials workshop in the fall, and a bank of sample materials to aid students going on the job market, as well as mock interviews and opportunities for practice talks and teaching. In addition other sessions are arranged to meet student needs, including sessions on career options for the versatile Comparative Literature PhD.

We encourage students to apply for postdoctoral opportunities nationally and globally, as well as the University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, for which candidates are evaluated according to their academic accomplishments, the strength of their research proposal, and their potential for faculty careers that will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity through their teaching, research and service. Our graduate students have been very successful at securing postdoctoral fellowships.

The Graduate Division also offers a variety of career tools and opportunities. UCSB Career Services also offers individualized counseling via a Graduate Student Career Counselor on Staff.

Other useful resources include: