to Dr. Ali Rahman, our new Doctor in Comparative Literature.

Dr. Ali Rahman, who successfully defended his dissertation on Monday June 8, 2020, recently accepted a position as Lecturer in the Critical Writing Program at UPenn, starting in fall 2020.
His dissertation, "Digital Rhetoric and Gatekeepers of Knowledge: Islamic Authority in America," analyzes different modes of religious authority through the lens of digital rhetoric, coupled with critiques of neo-liberalism and the online production and transfer of knowledge. The result is a rich examination of Islamic schools and websites, the role of online "superstar sheikhs," along with figures who straddle the roles of academics and community figures, and concludes with an exploration of how young Muslims are using the internet in their search for answers to questions about religion and identity. His committee includes Profs. Dwight Reynolds, Ahmad Ahmad, and Kathleen Moore from the Department of Religious Studies and Prof. Alan Liu from the English Department.

date of event: 

Monday, June 8, 2020 - 17:00