UCSB Critical Memory Studies Group

Prof. Sabine Frühstück (East Asian) on the iconicity and post-memory of the Asia-Pacific War (April 15, 2019, 5:30pm, Phelps 6206C).

The 5th meeting of UCSB Memory Studies Group will take place on Monday, April 15, at 5:30pm in Phelps 6206C. Our focus will be on iconicity and postmemory of the Asia-Pacific war. Professor Sabine Frühstück (East Asian studies, UCSB) will be our guest moderator.

Readings for Session 5 include:
Frühstück, Sabine. Chapter 5: “Embattled Memories, Ersatz Histories.” Uneasy Warriors: Gender, Memory, and Popular Culture in the Japanese Army. Berkeley: UC Press, 2007. 149-178.
Harootunian, Harry D. “Japan’s Long Postwar: The Trick of Memory and the Ruse of History.” Japan After Japan: Social and Cultural Life from the Recessionary 1990s to the Present. Eds. Tomiko Yoda and Harry Harootunian. Durham: Duke UP, 2006. 98-121.
Koga, Yukiko. “Memory, Postmemory, Inheritance: Postimperial Topography of Guilt in Changchun.” chapter 3 in Inheritance of Loss: China, Japan, and the Political Economy of Redemption after Empire. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 2016. 67-121.

Under the auspices of the Comparative Literature Program and the Graduate Center for Literary Research, the UCSB Memory Studies Group bridges literary, cultural, and historical analysis of memory as an activity; in addition to examining the nature of memory itself, we seek to investigate the relationships between history and memory, past and present, testimony and witnessing, ethics and politics, being and time, digital and global as well as individual and collective memory.

The UCSB Memory Studies Group


date of event: 

Monday, April 15, 2019 - 17:00


GCLR Seminar Room, Phelps 6206C